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I was able to hire two moving vans from HaringeyRemovals and this really helped with the move. Having multiple vehicles ensured all my goods could be taken in one trip. This is a great service that I'll recommend to friends.
Victoria Vincent18/07/2016
I hate moving because of how troublesome it is, but thanks to HaringeyRemovals, this time I had to encounter none of that. Hiring them was definitely one of the best ideas I had. From the moment I talked with them on the phone to the minute I waved the van goodbye, I received nothing but exemplary service from them in all aspects. Their staff is extremely friendly and nice, which only adds to the wonderful experience. Good job guys!
Karl P.03/12/2014
We were a big family and with 2 dogs and 3 cats, there was a lot of stuff to move to our new home. I opted to use a local firm I had seen in the area for a while called HaringeyRemovals. The moving service was excellent. The quote I was given was fair, as I knew there was a lot of bulky furniture to carry and load on and off the lorry. The driver and loader was a friendly and hardworking pair. They soon got everything on the vehicle and secured it safely for the journey.
Gayle Ellis12/11/2014
I'm glad that I hired a removal vehicle from HaringeyRemovals. I looked at quite a few van-hire companies before choosing this one, and I chose this one based on their customer service alone. I've never hired a van before and I didn't know what size I'd need but the woman on the phone was very patient and understanding. She helped me to choose the perfect van for my move and everything managed to fit in it like a dream! The vehicle was in great shape and the prices were excellent. Ten out of ten for service and goods!
Michael T.25/07/2014
I hired HaringeyRemovals to help us to move last month. I was downsizing and already de-cluttered and removed most of my unwanted items so I thought the move would be simple. It turned out that I still had way too much stuff and when these items were moved into my new home (much smaller than the old one by the way!) it seemed to be very full and cluttered and I was panicking. This company managed to save the day, they helped me to move items in and arrange as a temporary measure and helped me to arrange to move stuff to storage next week, I must get cracking, I've got some sorting out to do, Thanks for the advice!
Fred D.02/06/2014
HaringeyRemovals were simply fantastic - very supportive from the start, and got me well prepped for the move way in advance. When moving day came, it flew by easily and I was extremely thankful. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and approachable, and I was impressed by the professionalism of all involved. A slight snag arose when the estate agent couldn't get our keys over to us in time, so we stopped for a spot of lunch and had a right laugh with them. Truly lovely company - highest and most wholehearted recommendation I can possibly give!
Daniel Bryan 21/05/2014
Moving house is never going to be easy, but you can hope to make it as relaxed as possible. Whilst few would ever put the words ‘removal' and ‘relaxed' in the same sentence, I found that using HaringeyRemovals was exactly what I needed to ensure that I got the job done without too much stress on my plate. The family got on well with the staff, and we were incredibly impressed with how easily everything was done. I will certainly be using this team again, and I have already recommended them to all of my friends!
Kelvin Gibson08/05/2014
In essence, there is a huge amount that you can do to get your removal underway before you even call the removals company. I have found tracts and tracts of advice online about solving all the problems by yourself, but in reality, who can really be bothered with all that, when you could just get a great removals company in to ensure that everything is sorted, so that you can relax!? I recommend HaringeyRemovals, they are very dependable, and really do give a great service for an excellent price, which leaves me stress free and calm about the whole job!
I couldn't afford to run my 3 bed house any longer after I split with my girlfriend and she moved out. I needed to move but money was tight, and I did have a lot of things to move. A friend was letting me use is place for a while, and also suggested I call HaringeyRemovals as he thought they could do a good deal. I called them and was able to get a good price I could afford if I did the packing myself. So I did, and everything went great. The workers were helpful and worked really hard on removal day, and did a good job.
Jarrod G.27/03/2014
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